East West Pilbara Services

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Advanced Sourcing and Support

EWPS uses advanced sourcing methods and a
six stage Recruitment Methodology to deliver
higher calibre candidates through:

  • Diverse sourcing channels and quality assured
    recruitment processes
  • Proven talent mapping processes and
  • Highly effective candidate engagement and
    relationship management
  • Bulk and campaign recruitment Capacity

Comprehensive Solutions

Unparalled Service:

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our operations, from our round-the-clock support to our swift response times.

24/7 Support with Dedicated Consultants:

We offer 24/7 support with dedicated consultants to assist you anytime, ensuring seamless operations.

Rapid Response:

In supply chain management, time is crucial. We boast a rapid response time, with qualified candidates ready to deploy within two hours, minimising disruptions and swiftly resolving staffing needs.

One-Stop Solution for Supply Chain Needs:

At EWPS, we provide end-to-end solutions for your supply chain needs, covering staff, training, payroll, safety and more. Our integrated approach streamlines processes and ensures seamless coordination for enhanced efficiency.

Adaptability and Flexibility:

We prioritise adaptability and flexibility to meet your evolving needs. Our agile team swiftly adjusts to changes, whether scalling up operations or adapting to market shifts.

ASG AI - Enhanced Onboarding Solutions

EWPS is dedicated to continuous improvement and has integrated AI into our onboarding process to streamline operations. With AI, we can instantly pre-screen applicants, ensuring that we reach out to all candidates promptly and minimizing the risk of losing high-quality talent due to delays in consultant outreach. This innovation has significantly accelerated our time to fill roles. By efficiently screening applicants, candidates can complete our onboarding process entirely online before attending an in-person interview and functional assessment at our offices

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