East West Pilbara Services

Mining Industry

Proudly majority Indigenous-owned.
Providing Australia’s mining industry
with a sustainable workforce.

About Us

East West Pilbara Services (EWP Services) is a majority Indigenous-owned venture that focusses on supporting the Australian mining industry with access to sustainable employment and quality career development opportunities.

Being involved in the mining industry, EWP Services are committed to providing qualified, skilled and safe labour. EWP Services is establishing partnerships with the industry to provide a platform for sustainable Indigenous workforce solutions.


Our Partners

East West Pilbara Group (EWP Group) are an Indigenous-owned business with strong links to community. A portion of EWP Group profits are re-invested in local Indigenous communities.

Ashley Services Group (ASG) provides operational support to EWP Services for the efficient and effective delivery of our services.

This partnership provides EWP Services with the scale and resources it needs to deliver workforce solutions.

 We partner with some of the largest names in the mining industry to provide ongoing support and a sustainable future for the Australian mining sector.

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2/15-17 Blackburn St,
Maddington WA 6109

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